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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join PDS?

Pre-Dental Society is a great way for students, who are seeking a career in dentistry, dental hygiene, dental lab tech, or research, to network, provide service, experience hands-on opportunities, and so much more.

What is required for membership?

Check the “Membership” tab for a broken-down list of requirements. This is a summary of what is required.

What is the difference between general and specialty membership?

General Membership only requires you to reach minimum requirements to obtain membership, whereas Specialty Membership shows that you've gone above and beyond to reach maximum requirements. Both memberships are a great way to show how much great effort you've put into Pre-Dental Society at LSU.

What if I can't make it to a meeting due to other conflicts?

We understand if you can't make it to a meeting due to other conflicts. We provide very limited filler point opportunities, which allow you to make up for a missing meeting point.

What are filler points?

Filler points are given throughout the semester to make up for any missing requirement points. These points fill in for everything EXCEPT shadowing hours and Dental Dash.

When are dues due?

We do not have a set due date for dues. However, keep in mind that you will not be able to become an official member if dues are not paid. 

Are the dues per semester or per year? Do I have to pay them every year that I'm in PDS?

The dues are per year. To become a member for each year, you are required to pay dues every year that you would like to be an active member in PDS.

When can I get a T-shirt?

T-shirts are usually ordered after the first or second meeting once our Media Representative gets an idea of how many t-shirts need to be ordered. Once your dues are paid ($30), you will be able to get your T-shirt during a club meeting which will be announced. 

Which dentists are allowing shadowing in Baton Rouge?

We have a shadowing directory that our Vice President keeps updated. The shadowing directory is an excel sheet that provides you information about what local dental offices are allowing students to come in and shadow. You can find this directory under the “Forms” tab. If you are located outside of Baton Rouge due to COVID-19 and having trouble finding an office to shadow at, please contact, so that we could help you find an available office.   

I can’t find any service work in my area. What do I do?

Start by looking up the local food banks and animal shelters in the area. 9/10 your town will have one and is allowing volunteers!! If you are still having trouble, contact the Service Coordinator at

What happens if I do not have proper picture documentation or a signature for my service hours? 

These hours would be discarded. It is very important that each member provides proper documentation of their service so that everyone is fair and held accountable.

How should I weigh my options in preparation for my financial future?

Here is a very helpful guide for dentists & dental students on managing their student loan debt!

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